The Election Manifesto of Camil Hassanli, the candidate of the National Council of Democratic Forces

Camil Hasanli

The Election Manifesto of Camil Hassanli, the candidate of the National Council of Democratic Forces  (full text)

This Manifesto sets out the policies, plans and commitments of Azerbaijani National Council of Democratic Forces, and its single, united candidate in the presidential elections of 2013. This Manifesto is drawn up in order to facilitate a free and fair pre-election environment; to create conditions for a truly competitive, democratic contest; to ensure that the rule of law and democratic principles are the basis of political power in Azerbaijan; and to achieve constructive cooperation between different political and public organizations.

The NCDF common candidate undertakes the following binding and non-reducible commitments:

1.            To abide by a maximum two-year term limit to his presidential authority (the Transitional Period).

2.            To establish a provisional coalition Transitional Government (National Trust Government), representing and reflecting pluralism and diversity of Azerbaijani society; fully utilizing human resources and intellectual capital of Azerbaijani democratic movement, and acting with full confidence of NCDF.

3.            In the period of 2013-2015 to implement the following constitutional and electoral reforms, by means of binding national referendums:

–              to create a new balance of power between various branches of government,  by limiting Presidential powers and broadening the powers of the Parliament and the Cabinet; as well as to ensure independence of the courts.

–              to dissolve currently serving Parliament by end of January of 2014:

–              to restore proportional elements of the electoral system and to conduct new parliamentary elections, based on a mixed electoral system by the end of the Transitional Period in 2015;

–              to broaden powers of elected local government bodies; to establish city municipalities for Baku and Ganja; to limit the powers of city and district executive committees.

4.            To undertake a comprehensive review of all national legislature to ensure full conformity and compliance with all Azerbaijan’s international obligations and commitments.

5.            To create opportunities for free and equal functioning of all political parties and organisations, as well as independent trade unions;

6.            To take action to ensure fundamental human rights and freedoms for all; to lift obstacles for the establishment and functioning of independent and private media.

7.            To ensure full restitution of the rights of those prosecuted and arrested on politically motivated criminal charges; to end politically motivated criminal prosecutions; to free political prisoners and to lift all judicial obstacles for return of political emigrants.

8.            To take decisive action against the pervasive system of corruption and oligarchic monopolies in the country; to address the issue of so-called “hidden economy”; to take urgent actions to restore social justice; to restore violated economic rights of citizens and business people.

9.            To conduct Azerbaijan’s foreign policy in accordance with the Constituent Declaration of the National Council; to work towards the resolution of Nagorno-Karabakh conflict on the basis of territorial integrity of Azerbaijan Republic.

10.          To hold the next presidential election in 2015.

11.          Not to run as a candidate in the 2015 presidential election; to remain impartial in the electoral process.

Single Candidate of the National Council of Democratic Forces  for the President of Azerbaijan Republic

Camil Hasanli


Source: National Council of Democratic Forces.