We are back in 2015 with election news and analysis from the Caucasus Region

Caucasus Elections Watch has been silent during 2014 – a year during which there were no national elections in the Caucasus region, although there were two municipal elections, one in Georgia and one in Azerbaijan. We reflected a lull in political activity in the region that will soon come to an end. Parliamentary Elections in Azerbaijan due in November 2015 are likely to be the most crucial held since independence in 1991. Political activities in Armenia and Georgia are also likely to increase as the next round of elections in these two countries start looming on the horizon. Caucasus Elections Watch will be back in 2015 – on line at https://electionswatch.org, and in printed format later in the year, bringing the latest electoral stories and behind the scene information and background from a region that is increasingly important for Europe and the rest of the world.

In the meantime we wish all our readers a Happy New Year.