Dozens arrested in Baku during unauthorised opposition rally.

A protesteor being
detained by police in
Baku at an unauthorised
rally on Fountain Square
on 20 October 2012.
Photo courtesy of
Mehman Husseynov

Approximately fifty activists are thought to have been arrested and detained following an anti-corruption protest organised in Fountain Square in down town Baku on Saturday 20, October.

The protest, which was organised by opposition political parties and youth groups, began at 15:00 on Saturday and lasted for two hours, according to a post on the “Azerbaijan Agenda” Facebook. The demonstrators were calling for the dissolution of parliament following the release of a video at the end of September showing a member of the Azerbaijani Parliament demanding a $1.3 million bribe from a former university rector in exchange for a seat in parliament. More…

Opposition in Azerbaijan still unsure if it will contest presidential elections in 2013.

With recent announcements by the ruling party in Azerbaijan that incumbent President and party chairman, Ilham Aliyev will be nominated for a third term as the party’s presidential candidate, the opposition in the country has decided to ramp up its public activities this autumn.

The Public Chamber (PC), a coalition of prominent opposition parties who found themselves without a single seat following the 2010 parliamentary elections, declared on 22 July that it would launch a new wave of protests in the coming months to demand the government establish the necessary conditions for free and fair presidential elections in 2013. PC activities will be centred on four main goals: the release of political prisoners by Azerbaijani authorities, a guarantee of freedom of assembly, respect for freedom of speech and the media, as well as the implementation of pressing amendments to the Electoral Code. More…