YAP says there are no problems in preparing candidates list. Others disagree.

yap_logo_260615“There are no problems with the issue of selecting the candidates to run for parliament on the YAP ticket. The list will be announced the day after the writ calling the election is published.” This was stated by the Deputy Executive Secretary of YAP – Azerbaijan’s ruling New Azerbaijan Party, Siyavoush Novruzov MP, in a comment to Trend News Agency earlier this week.

Novruzov said that allegations that there were disagreements within the Party on this issue were provocations by opposition forces. He said that after the party publishes the list of candidates any one who still wanted to run, even if he was not on the list, had the right to do so, but he or she should not expect the party’s support.

Political observers in Baku however say that the issue is not so simple. In the past the selection of candidates by the ruling party has been a painful process, involving tough behind the scenes negotiations involving senior figures within the party and the government. Key personalities have often tried to push their supporters to be included. Some reports suggest that this time round the party wants to have new faces in the parliament, which means that some veterans will have to make way. While this has also happened in the past reports suggest that it may be on an even larger scale this time.

Critics of the government in Azerbaijan say that the process of selecting the candidates of YAP is not transparent. It is likely that the behind the scenes horse-trading will continue for the next month before the list is finally revealed, probably in early October.

source: CEW

British envoy meets YAP leadership ahead of poll.

british ambassador with yap 130815The British Ambassador to Azerbaijan, Ifran Siddique, has started a series of visits to political parties in the country ahead of the 1 November Parliamentary elections.

Siddique on Thursday (13 August) met the Executive Secretary, Ali Ahmedov, and the Deputy Executive Secretary, Siyavoush Novruzov of the ruling Party,  Yeni Azerbaijan (YAP). The meeting took place at YAP headquarters in central Baku. Issues related to the forthcoming elections and UK-Azerbaijan relations were discussed during the meeting.

source: CEW

ali akhmedov

YAP Executive Secretary looks forward to great victory in election.

The Executive Secretary of the New Azerbaijan Party (YAP), Ali Akhmedov told members of regional offices of the Party from Baku and nearby districts that “there are objective conditions for New Azerbaijan Party to achieve great success in the upcoming parliamentary election. Parliamentary elections are due in Azerbaijan on 1 November.


YAP positioning itself ahead of next year’s presidential poll in Azerbaijan.

YAP Deputy Executive Secretary, Siyavoush Novruzov MP

With the Presidential elections set for October 2013, the ruling party of Azerbaijan, the New Azerbaijan Party (YAP) is feeling out its competition.

Aydin Mirzazade, a Member of Parliament for YAP, told Gun.Az that the YAP considers “every candidate to be a rival” for next year’s elections. The YAP MP assured the press that the ruling party will take steps to ensure all candidates can participate and campaign in the election. Commenting on incumbent President, and YAP’s unofficially confirmed presidential candidate, Ilham Aliyev’s democratic record, Mirzazade noted that with Aliyev’s candidacy, Azerbaijan will continue on a democratic path of economic growth and stability for the next five years. In conclusion he said that YAP does not consider itself weaker or comparable to any other party.

Ramping up the rhetoric, Deputy Executive Secretary for the YAP, MP Syavush Novruzov, declared that the ruling party considers the “unification of [the Azerbaijani] opposition in one team as impossible.” More…